Mandatory Composting Law in San Francisco

There are many successful recycling projects started by governments and even individuals. In today’s feature, we focus on San Francisco and mandatory composting.

Did you know that in San Francisco, it is an offence not to have a composting arrangement in your property? This is according to a new law that requires residents to recycle all organic waste. Residents turn food waste and all other organic garbage to valuable compost.

Over a short period, mandatory composting in San Francisco has been a success and today, the state is diverting 72% of the trash that would have otherwise gone to the landfills and incinerators. The authorities say that if all the organic waste is recycled, the state will achieve a 90% recycling rate.

Several other states are looking to adopt such laws and Vermont could be the next to have mandatory composting requirements.

In the UK, there are no laws on recycling. Still, the government and other institutions advocate recycling, and there are elaborate plans to control the amount of waste disposal. But then, not everything can be recycled, and it’s actually illegal to recycle something that is not recyclable.