Three Recyclable Household Items

Recycling is a sustainable way of conserving the environment, and the good thing is, everyone can be part of this noble cause. In this article, we have shared three household items that you should consider recycling.


All households have plastics, from the soft drink bottles and plastic containers to polythene bags that are used to pack foodstuffs, among other items. Instead of disposing of them together with your organic garbage, consider putting them in a separate bin and sending them to a recycling centre. You can also label them as recyclable plastics to help the garbage collectors sort them.

Paper Products

Another category of recyclable household items is paper products, and these include junk mail and cards, old books, shredded paper, cardboard boxes, and milk and juice cartons, among others. Paper products are easily recyclable and separating them from the other garbage can go a long way in reducing the amount of waste we send to landfills and incinerators.

Old Electronics and Appliances

Many are times we have old electronics and appliances that we want to dispose of. Data from Statista shows that eWaste is increasingly becoming a problem. Today, electronic waste is the “fastest-growing waste stream in the world”, and the worst thing is that these items can’t decompose and also contain harmful chemicals. That said, it’s important to discard all the eWaste from your home responsibly; call a recycling centre, and they will come for all your eWaste.

There you have it folks, three household items that can be recycled. The idea here is to ensure that what can be recycled doesn’t end up in the landfills and incinerators. In the landfills, most of this garbage will not decompose while in the incinerators, they will only multiply the emissions.