Coronavirus Sparking Cardboard Shortage in the UK

The new coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a nightmare to businesses, including the recycling industry. In the latest news, the pandemic could spark a shortage of cardboard in the UK and the whole of Europe. This is because most recyclables collection services have been suspended as the world as a whole continues to grapple with the effects of the pandemic.

Now, The Recycling Association is warning that there could be a shortage of fibre and other recyclables that are used to manufacture cardboard. This is because most of the fibre ends up in household bins. In the end, residents resort to ‘backyard burning.’ Recently, there have been more than 12 fire emergencies in Wigan alone that escalated from ‘backyard burning.’

Fibre, which mainly consists of used paper and cardboard, is widely recycled to manufacture packaging cardboards and boxes. With the sudden drop in fibre waste, we are more likely to witness a crisis as essential supplies, including food and medicine, will be hard to package for distribution.

Now, the only hope is for the authorities, in conjunction with the stakeholders and the public, to step in and find ways through which collection services can resume, but obviously, with the necessary measures in place to protect workers.